Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful for friends

You would think by the title, that this would be a post about Thanksgiving, the holiday. It's not. It is a post about giving thanks for the people in your life that just happened to occur 3 days before Thanksgiving Day.

I needed some help tonight and one short phone call is all it took to get it. The person that came to my rescue did not have to help me, but he did because he is a true friend. He dropped what he was doing and rearranged his schedule so he could help me, no questions asked, no hesitation, and no conditions. It was a matter of "you need help, I can help you, I am on my way"

Those of you that know me should be sitting there saying "wow, Kim asked for help?" Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like to ask for help. I am fiercely independent and strive to take care of myself without imposing on anyone. I am the first one to offer help to anyone that needs it but the last person to ask for help for myself. I have no idea why I am like that. I guess I have a need to prove (if only to myself) that "I can do it"

Could I have solved my problem by myself tonight? Probably. I would have been even colder and wetter than I was but I could have handled the issue. But a friend offered help and I decided to accept the offer. I have mixed feelings about it, but am oh so grateful that help was available.

So the point of this rambling post is to say how thankful I am for a true friend that was there when I needed him. You're the best, BT! ;-) (i just hope I am not teased endlessly about this little mishap!)